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Note: All Lessons are charged by the hour, please call for more information on Rates

Puppy Lessons Include:

Initial visit 2 hours plus 1 hour follow up visit

House Breaking

Helping your dog find his way


No jumping, biting, destructive chewing, digging, and barking


Introduce puppy to new environments and other dogs


Learn to sit, come, down, and introduction to the leash

Basic Lessons Include:

Initial visit 2 hours plus two 1 hour follow up visits


No Jumping, Stealing, Barking, Digging ETC...

Walk heel command

Your dog is no longer allowed to pull on the leash, he must walk on a slack leash at your side regardless of the distractions around him.

Automatic Sit

When you stop walking, the dog must stay until you tell him or her to move.

Welcoming Visitors at the door

Your dog must welcome your guest in the sit position on your left side and may not move until you release him.


When you invite visitors into your home your dog must go into a place such as his bed or mat in the down stay position. Your dog will not move until you release him with a verbal command. Your dog may stay there as long as you like or until your dog is calm.

Come Command

For your dog to come to you while you are in your house or in the backyard.

Advanced Lessons Include:

Initial visit 1 hour if previous training was through us, if lessons were through another trainer the visit is 2 hours long.

All additional visits are 1 hour long. The number of visits depends on what the client wants their dog to learn.

Off-Leash obedience

This will allow your dog to sit, come, stay, or any other request by the client with the freedom of being off of their leash!

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