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Question: At what age should you start dog training?

Answer: Puppies can be trained as soon as they are brought home from the breeder. This allows us to instruct owners in a good housebreaking routine and gives us a head-start on chewing, mouthing, and other bad manners puppies may have.

Question: When is a dog too old to train?       

Answer: To decide whether a dog is too old usually depends on their breed.  We usually don't train a large breed dog after the age of 4 years (mastiff, great dane, etc.),  medium size dogs such as labs, goldens, etc. can be trained up to age 7, if they are in good physical condition.  Smaller dogs can be trained up to age 8, if they are in good physical condition.

Question: How often do you come to the house?

Answer: usually 2 times for puppy training and 3 times for basic obedience (dogs over 6 months). Our first lesson is two hours long and all follow-up lessons are one hour.

Question: Do you guarantee the training?

Answer: No.  Since we donít know if all our clients are going to follow the instruction that is given and because we are talking about a live animal it is impossible to guarantee the training. The dog will perform all the tasks we train before we leave your home, and you will be trained to make the dog do that task, but it is up to you to practice. Just as with every skill people learn, if you donít practice it you lose it.

Question: My dog jumps on everyone when they walk in the house, can you help?

Answer: Yes, this is covered in the manners portion of our training which is in our first lesson.

Question: My dog urinates on the floor whenever I come home or when anyone talks to it. What can I do?

Answer: First you have to find out why it is doing that. After that is done then you need to change your way of greeting your dog so it can change.  We can help with this.

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