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About Us

At Home Dog Training was founded in May 2005. After years of working with and training Police Dogs for Protection, Drug detection and Bomb detection, Captain Glenn Rogers, decided to use his experience to train family owned pets to be better in the home. Since that time Glenn has trained an average of 300 plus dogs a year, each in an individual private lesson at the ownerís home.


A well trained dog is a Happy Dog; it also makes a happy owner and family.


Glennís goal is to affordably train as many dogs as possible so that these dogs are never given up for adoption or destroyed in shelters due to their lack of manners or because they would not housebreak. He understands it is very hard to keep a dog that is barking all day long and bothering the neighbors, or a dog that chews up and destroys the furniture. And the dog that drags you down the street when you walk it or jumps on everyone you meet can be dangerous to keep.  But there are ways to stop these bad habits and he wants to help owners do just that.


Glennís motto for training is easy, the dog decides. Each dog is trained according to its own abilities, personality and maturity level.  No two dogs are the same; some dogs are calm where others are excited. Some are nervous and others are bold. Each dog needs to be treated differently. That is why not all dogs do well in group sessions. Our one on one training classes progress at the learning pace of each dog, if your dog is a fast learner he gets more accomplished in less time. If your dog is shy and nervous the class can go slow and at his pace.


It doesnít help to train the dog if the owner doesnít know how to reinforce the training, so Glenn doesnít just train the dog he also trains the owner. We also encourage all owners to contact us with any follow up questions they may have after we leave and we are always available to come back if necessary.  Another goal of Glennís is to be sure every client is satisfied with the training that is provided. If you arenít happy with the training you wonít tell your friends and family to use us. We do very little advertising so word of mouth is very important to us.

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